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Product Overview

The Louisville Pagan Roots Festival

October 20th 2024

Setup: 8am

Festival Begins: 11am

Breakdown: 7pm

Location: The Mellwood Arts Center: 1860 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

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Welcome to the Louisville Pagan Roots Festival, where you can showcase your talents as a valued mystic our our magickal community. We invite you to claim your spot and be part of a celebration that honors the diverse traditions and rich heritage of our pagan community.

Spot Details:

  • Space Dimensions: Each vendor spot provides a space for a 6ft reader table inside the Picasso room of the Mellwood Art Center. If you would like to offer readings and sell good, you may purchase a vendor spot. 

Event Logistics:

  • Set-Up: The magic begins at 8 am when you can start bringing your enchanting booth to life. 

  • Breakdown: As the day concludes at 7 pm, you can start the breakdown of your booth. 

  • There will be ample space for parking at the Mellwood Arts Center. Please download the Vendor Instructions after check out for more information. 
  • Rules and Regulations

    • Unless you are an approved food vendor with a license, do not sell food in your booth.  This includes cakes, cookies, fruit, water, etc.  If it can be eaten, it cannot be sold in your booth.  This includes Cakes, cookies, bread, drinks, jams, jellies, etc.
      • You must have your license before we can approve you.
      • You must be approved before you can vend foods at LPPD.
      • Louisville Metro Government Food Vending license can be obtained here.  Please bring permit/license with you when vending at LPPD.
    • As a courtesy to non-smoking patrons, no smoking in your vendor booths while vending.  Please use assigned spots. (work in progress).
    • No selling in an information booth.
      • If you intend to sell, please purchase a vendor booth
      • this includes fund-raising
    • Readers (including but not limited to tarot, runes, palmistry etc.) must purchase a reader booth.


    Free parking will be available near the event site.  (street parking is available for free)

    Vendors who have not checked-in by Saturday at 9:00 a.m. will be considered a “no-show.” No Show vendors are not eligible for refunds.

    There will be no “rain date” and fees will not be refunded in the case of inclement weather. The event will take place rain or shine.

    There are absolutely no full refunds on Booth Purchases. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

    Booth Rent may be rolled forward for use at the next Event ONLY for extenuating circumstances, and one time only.

    Cancellation within 30 days prior to the Event can result in full forfeiture of your Booth payment.

    Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting Sales Tax.  The current Sales Tax rate for Kentucky 6%.


    1. The Festival provides only the ground space for exhibits.  Each Exhibitor must provide and prepare his/her own displays.  All tents must be secured by using sufficient weights and/or stakes at setup.  This is not to just protect your booth, but your neighbor’s booth.
    2. Exhibitors will be notified of their site location and detailed setup information.
    3. After unloading Exhibitor vehicles must be moved to designated parking.
    4. Vehicles will not be permitted to remain in the exhibition space during the Festival, nor may they enter the Festival grounds until approved by the Festival Committee.
    5. Exhibitors shall be responsible for obtaining any required licenses, permits or approvals under state laws applicable to his/her activity at the Festival and for paying any taxes, sales taxes, fees or other charges that may be applicable to any Exhibitor’s activity at the Festival.
    6. The Festival is a rain or shine event.  Cancellations must be made submitted in written form by email 60 days before the event.  No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 60 days prior to the event date or for no-shows.
    7. The Festival reserves the right to cancel an Exhibitor’s contract.  The Festival may require the Exhibitor to leave the Festival at any time if the Exhibitor is in violation of any rules and/or regulations stated herein, this includes if an Exhibitor was in violation of rules in previous festivals.
    8. Neither LPPD nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, damage, or loss that may occur to the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor’s agents or representatives or his/her property from any cause whatsoever.  Exhibitors should obtain, at their own expense, insurance against any loss, damage, or injury they may require.
    9. Vendors must be present with their work for the duration of the Festival.
      • No commercial agents, dealers or salespeople may operate a vendor’s booth.
    10. All vendor booths must remain available and open for sales throughout the duration of the event (no early packing).
    11. Electric is not available for exhibitor booths, only designated food vendors.
    12. No generators will be allowed on site outside of designated food vendors.
    13. Vendors must abide by vehicle rules (see below).
    14. Please pack out your trash.  This includes empty vendor boxes.
    15. Pagan Roots Festival is a safe space, and every Exhibitor is expected to maintain a kind, friendly, and welcoming environment. 


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