DATE & TIME: SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2023 AT 6 PM – 9 PM
LOCATION: Raven's Roost Boutique 128 W Main St New Albany IN 47150
Join Catherine Moeller-Cunanan of Cat and Owl Alchemy for a truly one of a kind experience. In this workshop you will learn to pour your own scented candle in a vessel of your choosing as well as adorning it with herbs and moon charged crystals. While we are waiting for your creation to solidify a bit, you will be guided through a meditation followed by a healing sound bath. Not only will you be allowing the healing sounds and vibrations to facilitate a deep relaxed state for you, but you will also be charging your own handcrafted candle with powerful healing frequencies of 432hz.

Investment includes all materials to handcraft your own candle as well as Sound Bath.
Monetary Investment: $45.00
Please bring a yoga mat, a throw, or pillows, whatever you need in order to make yourself comfortable while you meditate.
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