Louisville Pagan Roots Festival

Welcome to the Louisville Pagan Roots Festival 2024, a celebration of the diverse traditions and rich heritage that define our pagan community. Immerse yourself in a day filled with magical experiences, vibrant entertainment, and enlightening workshops.
You can expect:
Vendor Booths: Explore a marketplace teeming with mystical treasures, handcrafted wonders, and unique offerings. Vendors, share your magic with the community—sign up for a booth on our website!
Entertainment: Be captivated by live performances that weave a tapestry of music, dance, and storytelling. Celebrate the talents of our community as they showcase the beauty and diversity of pagan arts.
Workshops: Learn, share, and connect with others on topics ranging from ancient rituals to modern spiritual practices. Sign up will be required, follow our page for updates on workshops.
Rituals and Ceremonies: Experience the power of collective energy in our group rituals and ceremonies, celebrating the roots that bind us together as a community. We will have opening ceremony, and a spiral dance. Keep an eye on our page for updates on times for each ritual.
Community Bonding: Connect with like-minded individuals, forge new friendships, and revel in the warmth of a community united by shared beliefs and values.
Vendor and Workshop information:
Vendors: Showcase your magical wares and services by securing a booth at the festival. Visit our website to sign up and become a part of this enchanting marketplace.
Workshop Hosts: Share your knowledge and passion by hosting a workshop. If you have a unique perspective or skill to impart, email us at rrb.events@gmail.com to discuss your seminar ideas.
Mark your calendars and be part of the Louisville Pagan Roots Festival—an event where the magic of our traditions comes alive!
Raven's Roost Boutique
The Witches Ball