Herbal Cacao 100% Cacao Natural

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In the ancient Maya lands cacao is considered a sacred plant where they have been using it for thousands as a plant medicine for the physical, mental and spiritual body. Still up today its amazing health and spiritual benefits are being honoured worldwide. Now available from 2 different Maya origins: MAYA MOUNTAIN BELIZE & LACHUA GUATEMALA The cacao tree, also referred to as "Cucu" is a national tree for the Maya. Everything on their lands is grown naturally and in biodiversity, the perfect condition for cacao to flourish. The Indigenous Maya family farmers pass their knowledge about the sacred plants from generation upon generation and harvest their cacao with deep respect for "La Madre Tierra", supporting organic sustainable farming. To protect both of these rare types of cacao (that's being threatened by big cacao cooperations) and also the life of the indigenous Maya families, a high price is being paid for these special sacred cacao beans.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review