Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

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Feburary 24th  6pm-8pm

Raven's Roost Boutique

128 W Main St

New Albany IN 47150

Join Kim Wilhite for a Sacred Full Moon Cacao ceremony. Kim is a Shaman and is Reiki II certified. She will lead you through a guided meditation for Shamanic healing which includes the plant medicine healing. Be prepared to release what no longer serves you, and set intentions for what you wish to bring in. We will do brief introductions before the ceremony, then put our intentions into the cacao and drink it. Followed by a deep meditation with shamanic drumming. She will also provide some Reiki healing during your meditation. After the meditation everyone may share their experiences if they wish to do so.
Ceremonial Cacao is 100% pure organic cacao from the highest quality. It is a
heart opener, and has lots of nutrients. It is not hallucinogenic.
Please bring something to sit on. A cushion, blanket, or whatever will make you
comfortable. You may want to lie down during the meditation. Bring a journal,
pen and water bottle. If you would like to bring an item for the altar, please do so.
(It will be returned.)
Limited to 10 participants. $50 each

The ceremonial cacao is prepared with herbal tea. Please contact Kim prior to the date with any allergy or dietary issues that you may have. She will make sure that an appropriate tea is used.
It is recommended to only consume low doses of ceremonial cacao if you are currently taking MAOI or SSRI prescriptions (anti-depressants).
Ceremonial cacao is not recommended for pregnant women
Please contact Kim prior to the ceremony with any questions or concerns: kimarawilhite@yahoo.com


(No reviews yet) Write a Review